Media Formats

Maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für jede Anforderung, HTML5, Digitale Publikationen, Ebooks, E-Magazine, E-Mag
Wildfire™ precisely analyses your challenges and develops customised solutions that match your desires 100%! mehr >>
If the existing technologies do not meet this high demand, the experienced software and web experts from Wildfire™ will develop new solutions that help you implement your publishing ideas. All Wildfire™ solutions are continually expanded to include new features!
Wildfire™ has been pioneer in the area of HTML5 standards. It is available on all platforms and makes app stores redundant, but still makes it possible to present the publication as a web app.

HTML5 Publication

HTML5 Magazine, HTML5 Lösungen, HTML5 Publikationen, HTML5 Magazin, HTML5 Animation
Because of the increasing number of different end devices, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve the largest coverage possible. Customers also find the offers of app stores to be complicated and confusing. mehr >>
HTML5 offers the ideal solution! The newest web standard has more features and options. Wildfire™ has been a pioneer in this area and has been among the first to offer digital publications using an HTML5 standard. An overview of the advantages:

  • Publications can be viewed on all end devices (IOS, Android, or Windows phone)
  • Maximum coverage achieved
  • Complete individualisation/each publication is created according to the needs of the client
  • No app stores required, but can be presented as a web app
  • Interactive content (animation, video, sound, and photo galleries)
  • Can be found with search machines (SEO possible)
  • Incorporation of social media
  • Responsive design
  • Incorporation of external web content possible (e.g. on-line forms and I-frames)
  • Possibility of connecting to a CMS
  • Analytic tools
  • Possibility of implementing a channel management solutions (to choose various publications)
  • New Featuresare constantly being added

Desktop Publication

Umfangreiche Publikationen in kurzen Zyklen veröffentlichen
Wildfire™ offers the ideal interactive solution for the 1:1 publication of content-rich magazines. Combined with an individual app, all media can be covered in a relatively short production cycles. mehr >>

An overview of the advantages:

  • 1:1 presentation of your magazine
  • Zoom feature
  • Interactive content (video, sound, photo galleries, etc.)
  • Animation
  • Short production cycles possible
  • Ideal for content-rich publications
  • Section overview
  • Optimal loading times
  • Can be combined with apps for IOS and Android

Tablet & Smart Phone Publications

Magazin Apps für IOS und Android Endgeräte
The importance of mobile devices is rapidly increasing. Tablets, in particular, are ideally suited for the publication of magazines. Smart phones are becoming increasingly larger and are thus becoming a more important platform for digital publications. Wildfire™ offers you the possibility of creating magazine apps for IOS and Android end devices. mehr >>
An overview of the advantages:

  • App for IOS and Android
  • Channel management
  • Interactive content (video, sound, photo galleries)
  • Social media

The Combination of Desktop Publication & App

Zeitgleiche Publikation auf PC und mobilen Geräten , Desktop und mobile apps
Wildfire™ offers the unique possibility of simultaneously providing publications for computers and mobile devices. A publication is created once and automatically released to all end devices. Changes are updated without a time lag. In addition to individual HTML5 solutions, Wildfire™ solutions are a powerful solution for cross-platform publications. mehr >>
An overview of the advantages:

  • The desktop publication is combined with the magazine app
  • Ideal solution for content-rich publications with short production cycles
  • Publications can be found in the Android and IOS app store (with link to the app)