Die ganze Bandbreite moderner Kommunikation
Wildfire™ creatively uses the possibilities of modern communication to emotionalise your content and publish it via all existing channels. In this way, your message will spread like wildfire! mehr >>
The Wildfire™ team consists of experts from the areas of marketing, consulting, design, and software development who have extensive experience in both traditional advertising and new media. Wildfire™ stands for innovation and has created the first functioning HTML5 magazine for all platforms.

We develop solutions for individual publications as well as serial corporate publications with regular intervals, among others, for publishing houses.

Our optimised screendesign for web, tablets und smartphones underpin brand equities and competencies, guarantee the anchoring of messages, emotionalise contents, and provide essential information and interactions – each with measurable reach of the target group. 


Zielgruppenspezifisches Design & intuitive Benutzerführung, Screendesign, HTML5 Design, Digital Publishing Design
We are open to all possibilities: from the enrichment of existing print publications with multimedia and interactive content (e.g. HTML5 or Flash animation, videos, audio files, forms, and questionnaires) to graphical adaptions for the optimal presentation on mobile end devices to the creation of new formats with an entirely new screen design. mehr >>
The new digital communication channels with extensive coverage and creative possibilities are characterised by their individual features. Design that is specific to the target group in connection with an intuitive user interface in the context of different operating systems and screen formats create special challenges for publishers. Wildfire™ approaches these with individual and creative solutions.
“Traditional web design” remains important, because a large proportion of digital communications still occurs via these traditional channels. It also provides an “internalised” source of information for all users.

The highly skilled Wildfire™ design team will support you with creative soultions for designing your digital production.


Der Weg zur optimalen Online Publikation, Publishing Beratung, Digital Publishing Beratung, Digitales Magazin Beratung
Successful in modern publishing. Invitations, magazines, or business reports: the enormous and increasing distribution of mobile end devices in combination with the countless possibilities of coming into contact with target groups give print productions of every kind a new multi-dimensional force. mehr >>
Independent from the system, Wildfire™ finds the optimal solution for individual publishing challenges and in a continuous workflow realises digital publications with the use of various system software or in-house developments.

Challenges are analysed directly with the clients. This results in a long-term, goal-oriented, and economically sensible publishing processes that reflects whether

  • the digital publications are implemented internally or externally,
  • the existing structures can optimally use existing media,
  • the traditional “print ideas” can optimally be converted into “convergent ideas” and
  • the contribution is sustainable.


Innovative Lösungen für cross-mediale Publikationen, HTML5 Lösungen, HTML5 Magazine
Wildfire™ works with two fundamentally different approaches: The use of the renowned software solutions and custom programming. The implementation is performed exclusively in house. We are "multilingual" and use HTML5, Flash, Object C, and X Code as required. mehr >>
Differing from project to project, the digital publications appear cross-medial on the web, as a native app in app stores for tablets and smart phones or as a web app independent from Apple®, Android oder Windows Store. Digital publications ideally converge with existing media formats.

The options for integrating interactive features leave no wish unfulfilled and range from video and audio files, photos, animations, questionnaires, and forms to links and additional documents to the direct embedding of social media functions.

Payment services, subscription management services, existing iTunes® Connect accounts, and kiosk solutions can also be integrated.

For each project, the Wildfire™ development team created an individual framework that is continually optimised and adapted to current technical modifications.