Erreichen Sie Ihre Zielgruppe auf allen Kommunikationskanälen
Your messages will reach existing and potential customers like wildfire. "Obstacles" are overcome because with Wildfire™, your publications can be read from anywhere. mehr >>
Users occupy themselves much longer with a well-designed online publication than with the content of the website. Your readership can be closely examined by using integrated analysis and social media tools. You can find out which pages the users like and consider the data for subsequent publications.
In addition, the emotional aspect and the possibility of quickly and readily reaching target groups, Wildfire™ solutions provide financial advantages. Using cross platform publishing your media is made available across all channels in a cost-effective manner. Paper and printing costs are saved, thus substantially contributing to environmental protection.

Real-time Publishing

Publikationen auf Knopfdruck verfügbar
The fast world of information distribution ("anything, anywhere, instantly and permanently") has received a boost with the rapid distribution and use of social networks. mehr >>
In digital publishing with vanishing boundaries to platforms such as facebook®, google+® and twitter® time is becoming a deciding factor.
Real-time publishing is the answer to these developments. The finalised publications are enriched according to requests and desires, expanded to include special features, coupled to social networks, and exported at the push of a button.

Individual Coverage

Wir gestalten die Kommunikation der Zukunft
Whether NPO or business with economic goals, whether a big or small or a homogeneous or heterogeneous target group, coverage is a means to an end and fulfills a clear, customised task: the transmission of messages. The quality of the respective channel makes a huge difference. mehr >>
Depending on the source of the statistics, there are currently between 3-4 million smart phones, 170.000 iPads® und 1.5 Mio. iPhones® in use in Austria. These national figures make it clear that there is great potential in mobile devices.
Based on strengths and weaknesses analysis and desires, Wildfire™ therefore offers variable solutions to add or remove communication channels at any time. Mobile communication channels can also be chosen after publication.

Reading Flow & Control

Einheitliches „Look & Feel“ mit interaktivem Leseerlebnis
The quality of the individual experience largely depends on the type of device and directly influences medium- and long-term success. Based on the print concept, the content is animated in view of subsequent digital publication channels and enriched with interactive features. mehr >>
In this way, a unified look and feel is guaranteed for all channels from the beginning – even in the case of gradual publication. The more customised the channel, the more customised the optimisation of publication should be. Only in this way, the expectations of the reader will be met or exceeded, thus fully using the potential.
Another positive effect: Separate teams for print and on-line content are no longer necessary, and internal effort is greatly reduced.


Dem Leserverhalten perfekt angepasstes Marketing
The multimedia multidimensionality in combination with creative options and wide-reaching communication channels opens up new ways of interacting with consumers and transmitting messages. mehr >>
In traditional printing, the limits of what can be done have been reached. In digital publishing, however, the paid value added begins with additional brand loyalty qualities. This symbiosis perfectly corresponds to the different classes of readers and their media consumption behavior and expectations.
Wildfire™ supports you in transforming your promotional campaign to wide-reaching media in a creative and multimedia way. There are no limits to the fantasy. From sounds and videos to the development of interactive games that engage users, anything is possible.

Responsive Webdesign

Design & Layout – angepasst an das Endgerät, Responsive Webdesign, Responsive Design
Until recently, there were only a few screen resolutions, although they were all the more widespread. Today, there is a clear trend towards a significantly higher range of resolutions - especially in mobile devices. mehr >>
Responsive design provides calm in the storm. The design and layout of a publication implemented as a web site thereby automatically adapts to the screen resolution that is available. Content and layout are thus always displayed in optimal resolution.
Regardless of the mobiel device used to view the publication, the perfect resolution ensures that the users feel like they are using an individually programmed application (native app).

Social Media Marketing

Auswahl von Social Media Tools entsprechend Ihrer Zielgruppe
Viral marketing goes beyond "posts". Messages and brand values can be meticulously placed and distributed to the defined target groups. Wildfire™ supports you in integrating your digital publication into an existing social media campaign and developing a new social media strategy. mehr >>

Social media tools will also be seamlessly integrated into your digital publications. Readers can comment on individual articles via integrated chat features and recommend them, send them via email, or share them amongst their friends.


Der Beitrag Ihres Unternehmens zum Umweltschutz, Nachhaltigkeit
A magazin that no longer appears in print form saves paper and ink, thereby helping to protect the environment. mehr >>
If you read the predictions and statistics, the distribution of digital publications will rapidly increase in the coming years. The clear trend of e-media will accordingly have a lasting positive effect on the environment.
By making the transition to an e-magazine, your company can also contribute to corporate social responsibility (CSR)! Our Wildfire™-Team can gladly inform you about all options and individual solutions.