Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Wildfire™ Publication created?

Often the question arrises which workload and effort is required from Customers’ side to create a Wildfire™ Publication. Now two cases must be differantiated: In cases of converting a print publication 1:1 for Web browsers, Customers should ideally provide the printing PDF as well as all open Data (mostly Indesign or Quark Xpress Data). Videos or picture galleries are delivered in a specified structure given through Wildfire™. Interactive Hotspots as well as animated elements should be marked out on a second PDF. Customers’ expenditure in these cases are in general minimal (3-5 hours) – Our publications for IKEA are a perfect example of the levels on which Digital Publications work: ( The second case concerns magazines designed to meet individual tastes. This of course means an extra workload and more effort in relation to the first case on Customers’ side, since Wildfire™ Publications are individually tailored to Customers’ requirements. An innovative and future-oriented concept is being developed in a personal briefing, and a screendesign (a detailed description of all screens, modules & navigation elements) as well as a structure diagram is being imposed. Ideally, this data should be well thought-out, they will serve as a direct model for the technical development. We adapt our means of communication flexibly in a way which meets our Customers’ needs in order to transmit memory-intense content such as pictures and videos (e.g. FTP Upload, Dropbox, Wetransfer, etc.). Electronic data transmission of texts is possible via open print data, or if joint texts may be generated, the transmission is carried out with a Content Management System, including a preview possibility, established specifically for that purpose.

How do potential customers find out about a new digital magazine?

Once you have created a new digital magazine, it is necessary to reach as many potential customers as possible. There are several possible ways to do so:

  • Newsletter Mailings
  • Advertising through your own Website
  • PR
  • Backlinks (links of partners, forums and blogs referring to the magazine)
  • Insertions
  • Banner Adds and Banner Advertisement
  • Social Media

In the course of this it comes down to the right mix. However, not all advertising opportunities are tied to a high budget. Effects of Social Media are able to spread your publications like wildfire.

How do you effectively promote your digital publication?

To promote your digital publications, all communication channels can and should be used. Wildfire™ helps you to create a newsletter, set up a micro-site, develop banner advertising and recommendation forms and integrate existing social media accounts.

Which types of publications are possible?

Anything is possible! One-time publications or serial publications, internal and B2B publications and invitations, as well as business reports, magazines, product presentations and books. Anything that you have published on paper can be digitally published with the help of Wildfire™.

What do we need from you in order to digitally transform your print product?

We need the print data of your publication in InDesign or Quark Express format and – depending on desired content – the respective images, videos, audio files, etc.