Case Studies

Case Studies, Echtzeit Publishing, HTML5 Technologie, Rich Media
Depending on the challenges of the client, Wildfire™ develops individual solutions for all platforms while always using the most current interactive capabilities. mehr >>

There are no limitations to the applications: from HTML5 media magazines, that are also available on mobile devices and as an app for iPhone® und iPad® to multimedia publications with integrated videos, photo galleries, and social media tools to publications that can be adapted to all mobile end devices through Responsive Design.


IKEA Family now E-Book, Rich Media Magazin, HTML5 Magazin
IKEA FAMILY now, the magazine for IKEA family members is now available as a digital publication. The customer did not want to use Flash, and Wildfire™ responded with the individual use of HTML5 and an additional web app. mehr >>

Through responsive web design, considerable viewing comfort is guaranteed on all devices as well as iPhones® und iPads®. Multimedia content enrichment as well as direct links to special offers enhances the interactive reading experience. View here >>

Bank Austria eBooks

Bank Austria E-Book, Rich Media Magazin
Bank Austria wanted to prepare their PDF magazine for multimedia viewing on desktop computers as well as tablet and smart phones. Wildfire™ took on the challenge of rapid publication intervals and developed an individual solution for real-time publishing. mehr >>

The integration of videos, photo galleries, and social media tools offers the ideal publication solution, which is perfectly implemented with responsive web design. User activity can be analyses using special tools.

In addition, an app was programmed for iPad® und iPhone® in order to make the BA publication accessible to a larger audience. Wildfire™ also helped to prepare web and mobile content.

At the push of a button, the Bank Austria e-book can be viewed from desktop computers, and as a mobile app. It will soon also be available for Android devices. View here >>

Medizin populär

Medizin Populär E-Book, Rich Media Magazin
In 2013, Wildfire™ developed an interactive magazine for the renowned medical publication "Medizin Populär". The content was prepared for desktop and mobile devices and enriched with multimedia features. mehr >>

As with Bank Austria, an app for iPad® und iPhone® as well as Android was programmed for “Medizin Populär”in order to reach all target groups. The latest edition of the medical magazine now can be accessed at the push of a button. It will engage the user with an interactive reading experience. View here >>

Thomapyrin® Headache Diary Web App

Thomapyrin® - Kopfschmerztagebuch, Rich Media, Digitale Technologien
Wildfire™ developed a precise headache diary for Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma Gmbh as a Web App, available on every device. While at the same time adding state-of-the-art high performance solutions and intelligent functions, the universal App allows gaining an informative overview of the pattern of headaches. mehr >>

The knowledge about frequency and concomitant symptoms are essential for the diagnosis and the therapy of headaches. With the interactive headache diary App this can be achieved fast.

Wildfire™ developed a user-friendly App, made available to any end-user, regardless of operating systems or browser versions, devices and App Stores. Statistical evaluation of the symptoms is displayed in some clearly structured chart, reachable with just one click.

Additional features such as a diagnostic field, that was elaborated by a medical doctor, display a weekly and monthly view, and provide a search option for the shortest route to the closest pharmacies. Flexibly to customers requirements Wildfire™ integrated a weather forecast into the Web App. View here >>